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flour + water + salt + love 

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crumb was born out of a love for sourdough.  Located in Elk Grove, California, crumb is a cottage bakery specializing in naturally leavened sourdough breads. It is an approved Cottage Food Operator (CFO) bakery with a permit issued by the County of Sacramento Public Health Department and a Food Handlers license.  All products offered are prepared in a home kitchen with lots of love!



my breads

whole. clean. pure

All breads baked at  crumb are handcrafted artisan style sourdough and made exclusively using a wild sourdough culture.   None of the bread contains commercial yeast, conditioners or preservatives. All flour is organic and whole grains are freshly stone ground for each batch.  Every loaf goes through a slow fermentation of at least 16 hours to develop the ultimate flavor and is baked in a stone lined oven.  The total process from start to finish takes 36 hours. 

small batch, freshly milled, slow fermented

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