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Bread is available by PRE-ORDER only.  


Currently on Winter break.  I will be back to baking in late February.  To be notified of upcoming bread "drops" (aka bakes) please click on the link below and enter your cell phone #.  

ORDERING |  Scheduled bakes and ordering can be viewed by clicking on the link above (     

PICKUP |  Pickup is at my home on the date you have selected, between 4:00 - 6:30 PM.  You will be sent several text messages prior to pickup (24 hours before, 2-hours before, and 15 minutes before).   You will also get pickup address and other instructions. 


PAYMENT | All payments must be made prior to pickup via the checkout process on, unless other arrangements are made. You will get a confirmation upon purchase.

Weekly Breads

We don’t have any products to show here right now.


 I have moved my payment system, bake schedule (now known as Drops), and notification of Drops to a new platform using  The new system improves inventory control and includes many automated features I have not had before...hopefully freeing me from a lot of website maintenance!  Now you will be notified via text message of upcoming Drops, along with a countdown timer, letting you know when ordering will open. Because this will now be automated, I will move ordering to FRIDAY MORNING vs Friday at noon.  When you go to the new site for ordering, don't forget to enter your cell phone number if you would like to receive Drop notifications.  Click the link below or simply copy/bookmark the ordering website for more information:

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